The formal documentation of the Stichting Pensioenfonds Wolters Kluwer Nederland (SPWKN) is all in Dutch.

In this section you will find a convenience translation in English of some important SPWKN documents. In view of recent developments
we have also translated in English recent SPWKN newsletters. If you require any further explanation please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the blue part on the left of this page you can consult different categories. The latest news you can find down below.


Pension 1-2-3
This Pension 1-2-3 tells you what you will and won't get in the pension scheme.... read more »

Pension Comparison Tool
Pension schemes differ from each other. This comparison tool offers you an .... read more »



Skype with Stichting Pensioenfonds Wolters Kluwer Nederlad - (August 2018)
Questions about your pension? It is now possible to make an appointment to skype.......
read more »


Indexation decision 2018  moderately good news - (February 2018)  The board has decided that as of 1 January 2018 a very limited indexation... read more »


Election of the Accountability Body 1 August 2018 - (June 2018)  The current term of the Pension Funds’ Accountability Body, which started in 2014, will end in 2018.... read more »

Pension premium and accrual percentage 2018 - (January 2018)  
The agreements the social pension committee has reached in 2015 on the basic...
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Pension brochure 2018
The digital pension brochure for participants can be seen here ..
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Extra board member from, and on behalf of the pensioners - (January 2018)  Given (the increase of) the number of pensioners ... read more »


General old age pension and retirement age gradually increases - (February 2018)   The age at which someone is entitled to general old age pension (AOW) benefit ..  read more »


Pension payments 2018 - (December 2017)
The planning of the pension payments in 2018 are...
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Indexation- and reduction policy - (February 2018)  The pension fund Wolters Kluwer Nederland endeavours to implement price-indexation on the .. read more »

   Financial situation Pensionfund - (February 2017) The financial situation of Pensioenfonds Wolters Kluwer Nederland end 2016 .. read more »

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