Pension premium and accrual percentage 2019

The social pension committee – the consultation forum for social partners on the pension agreement – has reached agreement on the pension plan in 2015 for a longer period. These agreements also apply for 2019. The target retirement age has been increased to 68 years, to be more exact the first day of the month in which reaching the age of 68 years. The option is given of bringing forward the entry at, for example, the state pension age. The target retirement age of 68 years goes also in 2019 with a maximum tax-allowable accrual percentage of 1.875%.

The premium for the pension plan 2019 is unaltered 24.0% of the pension base*.

 employee contribution 8.0%
 employers premium 16.0%

The amounts regarding the state pension offset, the maximum income base and maximum pension base for 2019 have been changed compared to 2018

state pension offset € 13,785 (compared to € 13,344 in 2018)
maximum income base  € 107,593 (compared to € 105,075 in 2018)
maximum pension base € 93,808 (compared to € 91,731 in 2018)

*The pension base is the income on which pension is accrued and contribution is paid, which is twelve times the fixed gross monthly salary as it applies on 1 January or on the date of commencement of employment, plus 8% holiday allowance and minus the deductible. The deductible is that part of the income on which no pension is accrued and no contribution is paid.

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