(Re-)election board member on behalf of the employees

(Re-) election board member on behalf of the employees for the Pension Fund

•    The board has put Ms D. (Dorien) Schaafsma forward
•    Participants may nominate other candidates


To all participants,

As of December 31th 2018 the board membership of Ms D. Schaafsma as a board member on behalf of the employees (“board member B”) will end.  She can be reelected immediately for a period of 4 years. 

Ms Schaafsma is willing to extend her board membership and so the board has put Ms D. (Dorien) Schaafsma (40 years of age) forward for reelection as a board member on behalf of the employees (“board member B”). Ms Schaafsma has been employed at Wolters Kluwer in the Netherlands since 2007 and is currently Senior Team manager ICT Publishing Systems. She has been a board member of the pension fund since January 2015.

Positive opinion Dutch central bank
The appointment of a board member will be subject to the suspensive condition of a positive opinion on the person in question by the Dutch central bank, De Nederlandsche Bank.

New requirement: does the nominee comply with the profile?
An important new requirement is the compliance with the profile of (new) board members. This profile contains the required managerial skills, competencies and knowledge. The supervisory board assesses whether a nominee sufficiently complies with the stated requirements in the profile. A nominee can only be appointed to board member after the nominee has been reviewed to be sufficiently suited for the position. If the supervisory board is of opinion that a nominee does not comply with the profile, the selection process will be started over. The supervisory board has positively reviewed Ms Schaafsma. Should other nominees be nominated, they too have to be reviewed for compliance with the profile. A nominee who does not comply with the profile, cannot be appointed to board member.

Other candidates
In accordance with Article 7 (2) of the articles, participants may nominate other nominees to the board, provided that the nomination per nominee is signed by at least fifteen (15) members and provided that the nomination is submitted to the board no later than February 11th 2019. The supervisory board will hereafter review the nominee for compliance with the  profile requirements.

In the event that other nominees are nominated, the election of the board member will take place at the participants’ council meeting on February 25th 2019. If there are no other nominees Ms Schaafsma will automatically be reappointed as board member B (on behalf of the employees).

The board of
Stichting Pensioenfonds Wolters Kluwer Nederland


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