Pension comparison tool

Why compare your pension scheme?

Pension schemes differ from each other. This comparison tool offers you an overview of the differences between two pension schemes. For example, you can see what you will and will not receive. See what the differences are and what that means for you. You could then opt to arrange something yourself.  Understanding the differences is one of the steps in the choice of value transfer as well: will you transfer your pension to Stichting Pensioenfonds Wolters Kluwer Nederland or not?

Compare your pension scheme in five steps
The Stichting Pensioenfonds Wolters Kluwer Nederland data have already been inserted in the Pension Comparison Tool. Take Tier 1 of Pension 1-2-3 of your previous pension scheme, and insert its details in the right hand column of the Pension Comparison Tool. The terms used are explained in Tier 1.

Click here for the Pension Comparison Tool.


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