Objective, mission, vision and strategy


Objective, mission, vision and strategy Stichting Pensioenfonds Wolters Kluwer Nederland

Stichting Pensioenfonds Wolters Kluwer Nederland (hereinafter: 'the Fund') has determined an objective, mission, vision and strategy.


In its objective, the Fund indicates its raison d'être and the goal it pursues.

The objective of the Fund is, to provide for now and for the future pension entitlements and pension rights 
  and to pay out the pensions to its participants¹,  while striving to maintain the value of the pension
  entitlements and pension rights (conditional: to the extent that the resources of the Fund permit this, and
  depending on the degree of cover).

In the Mission describes what the fund stands for, and the values and identity that characterize it.

  The Fund wants to implement the pension agreement, that Wolters Kluwer Holding Nederland B.V.²
  ('the Employer') concluded with its current and former staff, in the best possible way. The implementation
  must be effected in a correct, balanced, transparent, risk-aware, socially responsable and efficient way.
  The Fund wants to be a lasting and reliable pension fund, able to meet its financial obligations to its
  participants, now and in the future.

The vision describes what the Fund strives to attain, and the basis of the Fund's conduct.

The Fund wants to be customer-oriented and close to its participants. The fund achieves transparency towards and involvement in its participants by communicating in such a way, that it effectively assists its participants and the Employer in making the right pension choices and to provide insight into the risks, rights and purchasing power. The board aims to create the greatest added value for the parties concerned and constantly pays attention to the fund's continuity.

The strategy indicates how the Fund will realize its objective, mission and vision; the means the Fund intends to commit to this end, and the way this is done.

To implement the objective, mission and vision and of Stichting Pensioenfonds Wolters Kluwer Nederland, the Board - as part of the periodic management and planning cycles - strives for a solid and professional policy, in accordance with laws, regulations, and the Code of the Dutch Pension Funds. Important elements of the strategy include the investment policy, the management of the execution and asset-management costs, the premium policy, the surcharges and reduction policy, the participation of all interested parties in the decision-making, the principles of good pension fund management, and a sound risk management and communication policy. The Board shall review periodically whether the results and its conduct are in accordance with the Fund's objective, mission, vision, and strategy, and will be accountable for this. External service parties will be chosen carefully, and reviewed regularly.

A good pension is important for the participants and the employer alike and we should therefore be versatile and ready for the future, that might include a change in the Dutch pension system.
An analysis of the strengths and the weaknesses of the current situation combined with an analysis of the various types of implementation has resulted in the strategic choice to leave the current governance or implementation model unchanged for now.
As soon as contingent amended agreements of the social partners and/or new legislation
provided more insight, the fund will reconsider the sustainability and the governance and implementation models.

1 The term ‘participants’ shall mean: active ('staff') and former members ('sleepers'), other entitled beneficiaries and pensioners.
2 ‘Wolters Kluwer Holding Nederland B.V.’ shall mean: Wolters Kluwer Holding Nederland B.V. and its affiliates that fall within the scope of the implementing agreement made by the Fund and the employer.

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