General old age and retirement age gradually increases

General old age pension and retirement age gradually increases

The age at which someone is entitled to general old age pensioen (AOW) benefit will be increased the next years until 66 years and 4 months in 2020 to 67 years in 2025. From 2025, the general old age pension age will be linked to life expenctancy.

The commencement date of the AOW benefit will be raised each time by some months. You will receive AOW benefit as from the day you reach your AOW age. Your AOW age depends on your date of birth. If you recieve a benefit (for example WAO, WIA, WW) it will end the day before you reach your AOW age.

The table below includes the AOW age under the current arrangement. As of 2025, the AOW pension age will be linked to life expectancy.

The increase in the AOW age has also had effect on WKNL's pension plan. In 2018 it was decided to increase the target retirement age to 68 years, but with the option for you to delay retirement until for example the AOW age.

Anyone who as a result of the raise in AOW age does not have sufficient income, may be eligible for a municipal social assistance benefit or may apply for advance payment of AOW, i.e. an interest-free loan that is settled with future AOW payments.


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